About us

Sex Education Australia (SEA) delivers quality sex education and information programs to:

  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • parents
  • universities

SEA's qualified and experienced teachers are passionate about working with young people and committed to:

  • helping young people develop their sexual health knowledge and skills in sexual decision making
  • respecting diversity in our communities and schools
  • the idea that sexual activity should be a personal choice and always consensual, healthy, safe and respectful.

At the primary level, quality sex education has been shown to:

  • help increase children's personal safety
  • help increase children's confidence and self esteem
  • make children better able to make healthy decisions as they grow older.

At the secondary level, quality sex education has been shown to:

  • delay the first experience of sex
  • reduce STIs
  • reduce instances of unplanned pregnancy
  • reduce instances of coerced sexual activity
  • reduce instances of sexual assault
  • increase confidence and ability to negotiate consensual sexual activity that is mutual, respectful, communicative and safe.

Our sessions are clear and direct. We provide key messages that young people can take away from our sessions to help them with their choices and decision making.

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