Resources for parents

Websites for parents - click here
(Check out headings such as: sex education, talking to teenagers, sex & sexuality, sexual behaviour, STIs & contraception, tips for parents).

Books for parents
Talk soon. Talk often, PDF publication available online. Government of Western Australia, Department of Health. - click here to download

Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They'd Ask): The secrets to surviving your child's sexual development from birth to the teens, Richardson and Schuster.

Let's Talk About Sex: Growing Up, Changing Bodies, Sex and Sexual Health,
Robie H Harris.

Websites for primary students

Books for lower primary students
Mummy laid an Egg, Babette Cole
Hair in Funny Places, Babette Cole
Everyone’s got a Bottom, Tess Rowley
The Baby Tree, Sophie Blackall
The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made, Fiona Katauskas

Books for middle primary students
Secret Girls' Business, Fay Angelo
Secret Boys' Business, Fay Angelo
More Secret Girls' Business, Fay Angelo

Books for upper primary and lower secondary students
The Puberty Book: A Guide for Children & Teenagers, Darvill & Powell
Girls stuff: For Girls aged 8-12, Kaz Cooke

Websites for secondary students

Books for secondary students
Girl Stuff, Kaz Cooke
Boys' Stuff, Wayne Martino
Sexpectations: Sex Stuff Straight Up, Craig Murray.