For Schools

SEA works with schools to deliver comprehensive sex education programs in the classroom.

The Victorian Department of Education policy guidelines state that sex education is compulsory for school students from Prep (Foundation) to Year 10. SEA's programs are devised in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum.

Primary students
Upper primary sessions cover:

  • conception, pregnancy and birth
  • names and functions of reproductive parts
  • physical, social and emotional changes of puberty
  • managing friendships
  • respect for self and others
  • responsible use of technology and social media
  • discussion of gender stereotypes.

Most schools book sessions for their Year 5/6 students and to cover all appropriate material for this age, a series of classes is recommended.

SEA can also provide Prep (Foundation) to year 4 students with age-appropriate education. We cover topics such as:

  • families
  • human development across the lifespan
  • concepts of public and private
  • personal safety
  • exploring individual differences
  • discussion of gender stereotypes.

Secondary students
Secondary sessions are tailored to your needs. We work with small groups, keeping the sessions activity- and discussion-based, or we can deliver presentations to larger groups. Topics can include:

  • puberty review
  • respectful relationships
  • sexual decision-making
  • sexual diversity including gender and sexual identity
  • safer sex, STIs and contraception
  • sex and technology (pornography, social media and sexting)
  • sex and the law
  • consent and coercion
  • sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Working with parents
Studies show most parents support the provision of sex education in schools but they like to be informed about what the program will cover. We can provide schools with a letter to parents which outlines the content of our program.