Company Positioning Statements

Company positioning statement – Human sexuality
"Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of human life: it has physical, psychological, spiritual, social, economic, political and cultural dimensions."

SEA believes that knowledge empowers all to make the best decisions, and being informed leads to better health and safety.

Company positioning statement – Discrimination
Discrimination including sexual harassment is unlawful in Australia. Discrimination means being unfairly treated because of things like gender, race or marital status. The law says that everyone is equal regardless of things like their sex, race, marital status, physical features, disability, religion, sexuality, gender, identity and political views.

Company positioning statement – Young people
SEA is pro young people. We believe young people make good decisions and responsible choices given the opportunity to learn about and discuss accurate and current information regarding their sexual health.

Company position on abortion:
Abortion is legal in Victoria.
SEA is a pro-choice organisation and believes it is a woman's right to make an informed decision considering all options regarding her pregnancy.
SEA believes all women have a right to access safe and legal abortions.

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