Consent: on the same page

A woman walks along a corridor holding her phone in both hands and looking at it. She could possibly have African heritage and is wearing a grey jacket and a yellow top, and has dark hair tied up on her head. She is carrying a maroon clipboard. Beside her and to the back are glass panels, some are clear and some are frosted, and there’s a hand-rail to her left.

About 'Consent: on the same page' digital package for schools

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A classroom scene and the shot is taken from behind the teacher, who stands to the left of the frame. She looks white and has thick greying hair cut in a bob and wears a pale coloured shirt. Her right hand is raised to her shoulder as she talks to the students. In front of her are students at tables, they look like teenagers, and are blurred. They are of various genders wearing casual clothes. There is a whiteboard in the background and the floor is polished wooden boards.

Teacher support

  • Short training video for the teachers on how to deliver the session
  • Teaching notes: on preparing students for the session, having adequate support around that, how to debrief, follow up, provide ultimate support and safety for students, how to notify parents and work with them, how to ‘deal’ with parents etc
  • Key definitions document
A group of mixed-race high-school students walk along a walkway inside school. They wear blue school uniforms, including blazers, shirts, ties, skirts, trousers and carry books and backpacks. Some are talking to each other.

Teaching materials

  • A short introductory video for parents
  • ‘Consent: on the same page’ PowerPoint presentation
  • 2 classroom activities engaging with learning materials
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