2.c Male anatomy

Male reproductive system

*insert diagram*

Bladder: this is not a reproductive part but it’s important to se where this sits in the male system (in the female the bladder sits in front of the uterus)

Testicles: this is the part in the male body that grows larger at puberty and tarts to make sperm. They make millions or sperm cells every day.

Scrotum: this is the sac or bag of skin that holds the testicles. The testicles are very sensitive and are outside the body so they can stay lower than body  temperature which is important to produce healthy sperm. The scrotum helps control temperature by shrinking to keep testicles warm and relaxing to keep them cool.

Penis: this is a spongy tube that hangs between a male body’s legs. It is very sensitive and sometimes can become hard – which is called an erection. At the end is the opening called the urethra where urine and semen come out.

Urethra: this is the passage where urine leaves the body but in males it’s also the opening where semen (the liquid which contains sperm) leaves the body too. 

Anus: This is NOT part of the vulva but it’s in the diagram so you understand where the vulva is in relation to other body parts. Both males and female bodies have an anus and it’s the opening where poo or faeces leaves the body.