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Feb, 2023 ‘ When is the right time to talk to your kids about porn?’, an opinion piece in The Age written by co-founder Justine Kiely-Scott

Read the full article here

Feb, 2022: ‘Changemakers in sexual health education’, Samantha Crawford

Jenny was interviewed for the Retail Pharmacy Assistants publication as a ‘changemaker’ in sexual health education, and you can read the article below:

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24 February, 2021: ‘Sexual consent education needs an overhaul—how do we make it happen?’, Amy Campbell

Jenny talked to GQ Australia about the consent petition created by ex-Sydney schoolgirl, Chanel Contos. Contos was calling for consent education to be delivered in schools earlier, a position we agree with. The petition was originally inviting testimonials from Sydney schools, but was then opened up Australia wide.

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24 February, 2021: ‘The Petition That Exposed the Ugly Truth About Schools & Sex’, The Quicky Podcast

Jenny was interviewed for this Mamamia podcast The Quicky, about the consent petition

You can listen to the episode here (Jenny appears around the 12 minute mark)

9 June, 2021: ‘Survivors and experts blame negligence in sex-ed for assault’ School News Australia

Read full article here

10 April, 2019: ‘How to talk to your kids about sexual abuse, consent and body safety’ by Carol Rääbus

Justine spoke to the ABC Everyday about consent and sexual abuse and how to talk to young children in ways that don’t scare them but help keep them safe.

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August, 2016: ‘Primary school sexuality and relationships education – building the foundations’ – article Jenny and Justine wrote for Education Matters magazine

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22 July, 2013: ‘Porn becoming substitute for sex education’, Chanel Darcey

Justine was interviewed by WA Today about the importance of talking to young people about sex before pornography does.

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29 July, 2015: ‘Sexting, cyber bullying, and social media: Sex ed in the modern era’ SBS news

Justine was interviewed about teaching sex ed in secondary schools for SBS News

Read the full article here

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