Who we are

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Established 2011

Sex Education Australia (SEA) was established in 2011 because we were determined to provide quality, age-appropriate sexuality and relationships education to Australian students. Since then, we’ve delivered sessions to tens of thousands of school students and their parents and caregivers, seeing first-hand the positive difference this type of education has made in individual lives.

Working in schools and with families

We started by working in schools but now also work directly with families, supporting them to have real, helpful and informed conversations. We know how challenging it can be – as a parent or caregiver – to know what to say, how and when. It’s these connections with families that are highly rewarding, as we help parents have tricky but essential conversations and support the development of skills and strategies needed to keep their children safe and well.  It’s a privilege to be part of such family learning.

Experienced and committed educators

SEA has a team of confident, experienced and committed educators delivering our programs in primary and secondary schools, and working with parents and families online. Our content aligns with the Victorian Curriculum, is inclusive and acknowledges diversity. Our school presenters are skilled at putting students at ease to help them feel comfortable with the material in a relaxed, inclusive and non-judgemental environment. Please see our positioning statements and FAQs for more information about the company.


We are a trusted eSafety Provider. You can read more about the eSafety Commissioner and what they do at https://www.esafety.gov.au/educators/trusted-providers.

Our founders

Jenny wears glasses and a blue scarf and smiles at the camera.

Jenny Ackland

Dip.Tchg (Primary), B.Ed, M.Ed, TEFL certificate, Published author

Jenny believes all young people have a right to access accurate, relevant, age-appropriate information that will help them reduce risk, stay healthy and safe, and be happy and well. She is particularly keen to support parents and caregivers as they navigate the sometimes challenging or uncomfortable conversations with their children and teens. Jenny loves travel, walking, writing and reading.

Justine smiles at the camera

Justine Kiely-Scott

GradDip (Adolescent Health & Welfare), M.Ed (Sport Sociology), Grad.Dip. (TESOL), BApp.Sc

Justine has always loved working with young people. She’s committed to helping each individual feel good about themselves, build confidence and work to their potential. With many years of teaching experience, and through her own parenting, she has a deep understanding of the trials, tribulations, joys and awkward moments that come with being young. And as both a parent and educator, she sees first-hand the importance of parents developing the confidence to talk to their young people about sexuality and relationships. Justine enjoys open water swimming, golf, bushwalking and listening to true crime podcasts.

Our educators

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Jenny wears glasses and a blue scarf and smiles at the camera.


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'Awesome presentation. For an awkward topic you managed to make it
fun and non-confrontational. I learnt a lot and it gave me so many ideas
to start and manage conversations that may come. Well worth coming.'

Year 6 parent, Newport Gardens Primary School

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