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Delivering sex education for a safer future

Sea is an independent organisation

SEA doesn’t have any political or religious affiliations. Our programs are aligned with the Victorian and Australian Curriculums, and constitute best practice in this area of education. 

Our classroom programs are age-appropriate and suited to the developmental stage of the student. What this means is we understand there is big difference in the knowledge students need (and are ready for) as younger children, as older children in primary school, as young adolescents and older teenagers across the years levels at secondary school, or as young adults in tertiary education and beyond.

We train our educators thoroughly so that there is consistency in language and points of key learning across all our classroom programs. Our sessions are delivered in a sensitive and non-judgemental manner in acknowledgement of the diverse family backgrounds that exist in our communities. We use clear and inclusive language. We stick to facts not opinions when working with students in the classroom and the classroom teacher is always present.

Our educators are either qualified teachers or other excellent educators who have worked with children and young people before, and hold current VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching registration) or a WWC (Working With Children check).


We understand that many parents would like to see exactly what our classroom programs cover before their children participate, and while we do provide schools with summary outlines when they ask, we can’t hand out complete lesson plans. We welcome phone calls or emails to ask about what we do and don’t cover, and always encourage schools to book a Parent Information Evening ahead of a classroom program, so that parents and caregivers have the opportunity to ask questions, learn about our organisation, our company tone and our approach in the classroom, find out what we do and don’t cover at each year level, and also learn how we talk about certain things. We know you’ll understand too why we don’t allow our online presentations or classroom programs to be videoed, for privacy reasons, and we thank you for your understanding.


The law says that everyone is equal regardless of their sex, race, marital status, physical features, physical and intellectual abilities, religion, sexuality, gender, class, identity and political views.

SEA is pro-family

We know that parents and caregivers are the first – and most important – educators of their children. We know too that children and young people want to hear values and beliefs from their parents, and also want to feel confident they can turn to them for help, support and guidance. We encourage parents to be open and curious in conversations with their young people so they can build trust and be one of the ‘go to’ people for their child. Sometimes parents feel they could benefit from some support themselves, to increase their own skills and strategies in an effort to better support and educate their children, and we endeavour to provide help and assistance with this where we are able.

Our primary classroom programs and gender identity education

As company founders, Justine and Jenny have decided that our programs will stick to the basics across the primary year levels. What this means is we don’t cover gender identity and associated topics in the primary years. We do talk about gender stereotypes and how they can be limiting but we don’t go into topics like transgender etc. If a student asks a question or brings it up, our educators will give a simple explanation. There are two reasons for this. The first is that we know most parents tend to prefer to have these conversations – or not – within the family at the time they deem is right for their child. For some families, these conversations are very relevant but for others not so. Secondly, our program is crowded, and these topics require time for a nuanced discussion otherwise the risk is they can be confusing.

Young people

SEA is pro young people. We believe young people can be supported to make good decisions given the opportunity to receive accurate and current information regarding their health. All children and young people, no matter their family background, religion or culture, need access to age-appropriate information about their health and human development more generally. This learning supports them to grow up and make better decisions for their health, safety, wellbeing and happiness.

Human sexuality

Sexuality is complex and includes biological, social, psychological, spiritual, religious, political, legal, historic and cultural dimensions that evolve over a lifespan.

Sex Education Australia believes that knowledge builds skills and confidence, and empowers young people to make informed decisions for themselves as they grow and develop. This leads to better health, wellbeing and safety.

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