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‘Talk to Me First’

An introductory webinar for parents to support family conversations about puberty, reproduction, anatomy, body safety and consent. Our standard information [...]
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‘Let’s Learn Together’

'Let’s Learn Together' brings families together to discuss growing and changing over one fun, engaging session. 'Let's Learn Together' is [...]

Online webinars for families

Have you been putting off an important conversation with your child? Perhaps you realise it’s time to talk to them about where babies come from, or about the changes of puberty, but you just don’t know where to start. Or they’ve been asking questions and you’ve been putting off the chat. You might realise already that they’re hearing things from other children, either their own age or older. Maybe they’ve seen something online. We’re here to support you with these important discussions.

We run two online webinars called ‘Talk To Me First’ and ‘Let’s Learn Together’. Both webinars are designed to help parents and caregivers gain skills and knowledge to start (or continue) these important conversations with their children about puberty, body safety, reproduction and consent.

Find out more about ‘Talk to Me First – a webinar especially for parents and caregivers of children in primary school Years 3-6 . (We can also run this session at the Year 1-2 level). We’ll give you tips on how to have these sometimes tricky conversations. What to talk about, when and how much to tell them, as well as resources to help keep your family healthy, happy and safe.

Find out more about ‘Let’s Learn Together – a webinar especially for families, to sit and learn together. These sessions are for parents of children in Year 3-4 and Year 5-6 where you and your child learn together in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Be guided through the basic topics appropriate to your child’s age as our skilled educator facilitates simple ‘chats’ using our ‘turn and talk to your grown up’ prompts, to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

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Schools can organise their own Parent Information Evening and ‘Let’s Learn Together’ parent and child night by using the button below.

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