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Primary parents

I’ve been meaning to talk about all this but have never found the ‘right’ time. The info was clear and spot on. My son and I had some good chats and I think we’ll have lots more. – Parent of 10 year old

A great way to find out what my child knows and for me to let them know I’m happy to talk. It was full of great information and fun. – Parent of Yr 5 student attending ‘Let’s Learn Together’: online learning workshop for families

Thanks so much for the wonderful evening. It was fun, relaxed and far less awkward than I thought it would be. A great opportunity for me to talk to my children about something that I’ve been meaning to talk about but never got around to actually doing. – Parent of 10-year old twins

The presenter exceeded my expectations. She was so thorough and easy to listen to with such straightforwardness. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Especially being a sole parent of my two boys, aged 10 and 12.

Parent of 10 and 12-year-old

Thanks so much for the wonderful evening. It was fun, relaxed and far less awkward than I thought it would be. A great opportunity for me to talk to my children about something that I’ve been meaning to talk about but never got around to actually doing. – Parent of 10-year old twins

My child was not keen to join the webinar, so I made a deal. I asked her to sit in for the first 10 minutes, and if she still wasn’t keen she could leave. She stayed and really enjoyed the whole session – was clearly ready to soak up all the information shared and even asked me some questions! Thanks SEA! – Parent of 11-year-old student attending ‘Let’s Learn Together’: an online learning workshop for families 

A fantastic, informative evening filled with great practical advice delivered with compassion and humour. Highly worth attending for anyone who wants to raise resilient, informed, confident kids who feel comfortable asking questions and handling issues relating to their bodies, friendships and other complex issues faced by kids today. – Parent of 7 year old attending ‘Talk To Me first’: community webinar for parents and caregivers of primary-aged children

My child was dreading attending the first classroom session, despite our best efforts to reassure her (she was saying she knew everything already so what was the point!) But when I asked her about the sex ed session after school today, she said: “Yeah, it was actually fun!” I then asked if she learned anything and she said she did. I then asked her if there was anything that was discussed that she didn’t quite understand, and if so she’s more than welcome to ask me anything, to which she replied, “Yeah, that’s what the teacher said and she explained everything really well. – Parent of Year 6 student

A fabulous experience and something I highly recommend parents and children attend. The presentation was delivered with warmth, humour and practical tips to help us bring up children in a world filled with mixed messages, technology and gadgets. I came away feeling confident and reassured that I can really guide my children through. – Parent of Year 5 student

Very impressive, engaging, informative and clear. So glad our school has got you in to teach our children. I can see why this will be a great program. – Parent at Yarraville West Primary School

What a positive and reassuring presentation. Now we have discussed the topic in more detail, I feel my son will come to me if he has any questions. – Parent of student at Andersons Creek Primary

Excellent info that has continued to resonate after several years – my Year 7 also did your program at primary school. I feel so feel confident that my son will feel comfortable. – Parent of student at Templestowe Heights Primary

Primary students

I’ve enjoyed sex ed and learnt so many new things. I thought it might be embarrassing and scary, but you make it really interesting and fun. – Year 5 student

I think your program is great. These lessons have been really helpful for my understanding about puberty and growing up. – Year 6 student

It was interesting and I have not learnt about this before. I liked how the teacher made this topic casual and fun. I thought the classes would be extra weird and embarrassing, but they made it seem like it’s just a normal thing to talk about. – Year 5 student

I liked how the program made me feel more confident about things to do with my body and I learnt about what I needed to know. In the first lesson, I felt embarrassed as I felt I didn’t know much and others knew lots, however, as the lesson went on, I began to feel more confident and now I feel I can talk about things.  – Year 6 student

I loved how Rebecca was so kind and took us through every step and concept slowly. It wasn’t tense or worrying because of the way that she calmly explained each and every concept. I personally don’t think that there is anything that needs to be improved. It was a smooth and calm process and it wasn’t as worrying as I thought it would be.  – Year 5-6 student

I feel so confident about this subject now. Thank you for answering all of our questions and explaining everything so clearly. I love sex ed!  – Year 6 student

Primary teachers

It was a superb program. The students were comfortable and supported throughout the program. They were valued and any misconceptions were handled respectfully. The class was exceptionally well managed and each child engaged with the content in their own way. Some were happy to answer every question and others happy to simply listen. The students loved playing the games which kept them interested. The pace, structure and delivery of the program kept the students learning and thinking at all times.  – Year 5 teacher, Camberwell Grammar School

We highly recommend this program. The SEA teachers were able to easily connect and build rapport with all students. Each session was engaging and addressed ‘tricky’ content with ease, maturity and relevance, which made everyone feel comfortable. The students responded positively and sensibly, enjoying activities and various appropriate resources. – Year 5-6 Teacher, Glen Iris Primary School

Cathy was an outstanding educator who made the kids feel really comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas. Very knowledgeable, too and built a wonderful rapport with the kids. – Teacher, Toorak Primary

Elisa was absolutely fantastic with how she engaged and managed the students. The language was targeted to their level of understanding, and the breaks were well-timed. It was a wonderful program, well-structured and engaging. The booklet that students take home is a great resource for further discussion with families. Year 1-2 Teacher, Benton College

Thank you for creating such a safe and inclusive environment where all students felt valued and respected. Cathy was very knowledgeable and had a beautiful presence in the classroom. She was personable, relatable and calm. I was very impressed and the students really enjoyed the program which was pitched at the perfect level.  – Year 6 Teacher, Canterbury Primary

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have created this program and the fantastic teachers who present it. – Primary school principal

The program stayed consistent with the content points and strictly taught what was being covered in a professional and transparent manner. There were many opportunities for students to ask and answer questions. The program facilitator was extremely knowledgeable, provided the information clearly, and ensured all students stayed engaged. The program was a great success at our school, and students felt comfortable and interested throughout the three sessions. –  Year 3-4 Teacher, Huntingdale Primary

I’m a 5/6 teacher and my class has just gone through the SEA program. I wanted to pass on how impressed I was with the delivery of the information and the topics covered. The presenter was very knowledgeable and handled all questions thrown her way with professionalism. She normalised queries that some might find difficult and made my students feel heard and at ease. Having heard her way of explaining things, I also feel more prepared to address questions that come my way from students. – Year 5-6 classroom teacher

We thoroughly enjoyed the SEA program this year, as always. The educators, Justine and Alex, were wonderful and made the students feel super calm and comfortable while learning about the changes they may go through. Some wonderful conversations were started and key messages were clearly communicated to the students, giving them a great insight into and preparation for the changes they will face. Teacher, Parkdale Primary

The presenters were both fabulous and so calm with the kids— it created a great safe space for the students to get their giggles out and learn the important things that they need to know about. You could see how the kids grew in confidence and their willingness to share – Teacher, Morang South Primary

I loved how respectful relationships, child safety and protective behaviours as well as different types of families were interwoven in the education program. – Year 5 teacher, Cornish College

The movement activities, visual supports and interactive tasks which had the students sharing and discussing thoughts, were all highly engaging. Alex was receptive to the social and emotional level of our particular cohort, and she used humour to lighten moments and ‘keep things real’. – Year 4 teacher, Haileybury College

Secondary students

The session was run very well, it was very clear and you were easy going and friendly. It was good that everyone was able to put in without feeling awkward. – Year 10 student

It was interesting to hear what everyone thought about the various topics, such as expectations of an ideal partner. I liked how we didn’t just listen the whole session but also got to do some activities.  – Year 10 student

An interesting session, you included real problems and situations. Gave me a lot to think about and it made me more comfortable. It was also great for our age. – Year 8 student

This session was great! I’ve been wondering about a lot of this and you answered all my questions! Thanks!  – Year 7 student

Fantastically informative and down-to-earth session. The presenter encouraged us to communicate and share ideas with peers on what we thought about different areas and that was insightful. Non-judgemental, really clear and helpful.  – Year 11 student

Secondary teachers

This was just what our students needed. You were relaxed, unshockable and non-judgemental. Thanks for treating all questions with respect. The Year 9s were so focussed. Great session. – Year 9 teacher, Fintona

Thanks so much, SEA for an engaging and informative session. Our students felt comfortable asking questions, and your discussions around technology, stereotypes and relationships really resonated.  – Year 10 teacher


SEA has provided training and support to our Residential College at a critical time when our new students arrive and an understanding of sexual health, consent and respectful behaviours is imperative to the transition period into university life. The messaging is clear and concise — and in our case — tailored specifically for an audience that includes many overseas participants, for whom the material can be both confusing and confronting. They are made comfortable from the start. It is delivered by SEA in an exemplary fashion, discussed with us beforehand and presented meticulously. Students leave with greater understanding and a set of guidelines that enable them to interact mindfully with their new colleagues. I firmly believe having third-party experts deliver this training, in our context, ensures that we are able to provide the most recent and relevant information for our students.  – Universities

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