‘Talk to Me First’

An introductory webinar for parents to support family conversations about puberty, reproduction, anatomy, body safety and consent.

Our standard information evenings, ‘Talk to Me First’, are designed especially for parents and caregivers of children in primary school years 3-6.

These webinars are designed to support you to have important conversations about reproduction, puberty, body safety, consent and online risks for young people (like viewing pornography).

Like us, you probably want your approach to these topics to be different to what you grew up with. You also know these important talks need to happen before the influence of Google and/or your children’s peers.

What you’ll learn

  • How to talk about bodies
  • How to explain conception, sexual intercourse and assisted reproduction
  • How to talk about the changes of puberty
  • How to talk about consent
  • Why we need to talk about pornography and how we can do it in a way that doesn’t scare children


‘Talk to me First’ complements ‘Let’s Learn Together – where both parents/caregivers and children attend a one hour live webinar and learn together.


$25 + GST


New dates coming soon

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