Online safety

Online safety


Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids, Kristen Jenson

Hayden Reece Learns What to do if Children See Private Pictures or Private Movies, Holly-ann Martin

Someone Should Have Told Me, Holly-ann Martin

Online resources

Birds and Bees and Kids (tips and tools to start the sex ed talks)

Common Sense Media (best possible choices for kids’ tech, apps and games)

Culture Reframed (how to talk about pornography)

Cyber Safety Project

Deputy Gomez (the tech information parents need for today’s kids and schools)

eSafety Commissioner (technology and internet safety)

Freedom App (parental controls to block access to internet)

Google Safe Search (helps to filter explicit search results)

Kids Helpline (helping parents with parenting)

Media Smarts (Canada’s centre for media and digital literacy)

Qustidio parental controls (filters and other protection devices against inappropriate content)

Safe on Social (schools programs)

Safe Search Kids (block inappropriate YouTube search results)

Stay Smart Online (online security for the family)

Student Wellbeing Hub (information for parents about bullying and online safety)




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