Consent: On the Same Page (for Year 9 - 12)

Understanding consent, coercion, harassment and respecting other people’s boundaries

This presentation is a 60-minute lecture delivered to large groups and was designed to help young people work towards a positive consent culture. It was developed and written with the consultation of young people, and our presenters are youth-friendly. They present with positivity, to make sure all students feel included and accepted, not judged.

Teaching about consent is something that requires skill, sensitivity and nuance, and we know many schools and teachers find it an overwhelming prospect. ‘Consent: On the Same Page’ is an inclusive presentation that is relevant and developed for all students, regardless of family background, religion, ability, race, gender identity and sexuality. Our approach to consent education is positive and practical; students come away with ideas and skills on how to more confidently give and advocate for consent. In addition to covering the facts, our consent education presentations help young people understand the importance of building a positive consent culture in their school and other environments.

To enquire about this special presentation, emails us at bookings [at] seaprograms [dot] com [dot] au

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