Parent webinars for Years 7-12

Our parent information sessions are for those who want to be involved in this area of their young person’s education. These evenings are usually connected to in-classroom programs but they can be run as stand-alone sessions for schools to offer further support to their families. These information webinars are held via Zoom, and can cover:

  • an overview of the current trends, issues and online challenges affecting young people in Australia
  • the importance of young people being able to have conversations at home with trusted adults about healthy relationships, respect, decision making and consent
  • resources for parents
  • why inclusivity is important
  • what to talk about and the language to use
  • how to answer tricky questions
  • how families can view these topics in different ways (due to cultural and/or religious influences)
  • why students in secondary school still need that ‘go to’ person at home even as they’re growing up
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