A small person standing next to a larger person (representing a child and an adult), with an arrow behind them pointing towards the adult, against a reddish pink circle background.

Your child tells you they’re scared to get their period. What do you say?

It’s completely normal for a young person to be feeling a bit nervy about their period starting. And to be […]

One person with their hand around another against a reddish pink circle.

Let’s talk crushes

We all remember our first big crush. Maybe it was the boy or girl in your class, or Brad Pitt. […]

An outline of a condom against a reddish-[ink background.

You find an unused condom in your teenager’s pocket – what do you do?

This is the first in our ‘What do you do/what do you say?’ series that focuses on answering questions we […]

A star inside a reddish pink circle.

Taking the ‘awkward’ out of sex ed with Justine Kiely-Scott

When I was growing up, anything related to private body parts and sex were never spoken about, at home or […]

Two speech bubbles overlapping against a reddish pink circle.

Resources to help kids learn about racial prejudice, cultural diversity, and empathy

For many parents and caregivers, talking to their children about how race can play a role in people’s judgement of […]

Two speech bubbles overlapping against a reddish pink circle.

How to have ‘the talk’

This is one of the most frequent questions we get from parents and caregivers. With many adults never having received […]

Two speech bubbles overlapping against a reddish pink circle.

You hear your 10-year-old using homophobic slurs. What do you say?

If you catch them in the act, it’s good to respond right there and then. One approach is to ‘play […]

A star inside a reddish pink circle.

You catch your 5-year-old playing ‘doctor’ with their schoolmate. What do you do?

Eeeeeek! We all dreaded this moment, didn’t we? This can be quite a confronting situation for parents and caregivers, but […]

Image of a person with a speech bubble with an

How to talk about consent from ages 5 to 18

When we started teaching the concept of consent in schools about 13 years ago, the idea of asking for permission […]

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